FAQs .

Q: Do WUD Sunglasses come with a guarantee?

Indeed they do. They come with two 

Manufacturer Guarantee

We have a 180-day guarantee on each pair of WUD Sunglasses sold for any manufacturing issues. These are very rare as all pairs go through strict quality control. We do not cover breakage, accidental damage or general wear and tear. 

Accidental breakage guarantee

If you break or damage your pair within 200 days of purchase, email us with your proof of purchase and a snap of your damaged pair and we will provide you with 25% off a brand spanking new pair with a unique once-off discount code. 

Q: Why are WUD Sunglasses sustainable?
All of the materials are sourced from sustainable timber and any other parts are made from recyclable products. We genuinely care about what happens in our world and how we can better use items we generally just disregard.

That pair of sunnies you are wearing, may be someone’s old skateboard!

Q: How do I take the best care of my new WUD Sunglasses?
We all know what can happen to our sunglasses if we don’t take care of them… We have supplied you with a cloth bag and a wooden case to ensure that no matter where you are, you can slip your sunnies into a protective covering.

Your WUD sunglasses are water resistant – please don’t soak them over night. If you swim in salt, or chlorinated water please ensure you wipe your lenses down with cool water after.

Q: What is the actual difference between polarised and non-polarised lens?
We love a good technical question! In a simple-as-possible way, polarised lenses block transmission of horizontal light through their polarised sunglass lenses, reducing glare created by the sun’s reflection off horizontal planes such as the hood of a car, the road, and water surfaces.

If you have purchased a pair of polarised WUD Sunglasses, test them out near water, and then put a pair of non-polarised on, the difference is clear!

Q: Who is Classroom of Hope?
Classroom of Hope is a charity with DGR1 Status (the same status as all of the larger, well known ones!) the charity, and its founders help build schools and educate children in developing countries such as Rwanda, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

For more information on why we have partnered with Classroom of Hope please visit the Our Story tab.


Q: Where do you manufacture WUD Sunglasses?
We vetted a LOT of manufacturers, and the Chinese company we selected are a smaller business that has a passion for doing good – just like us!

As your WUD Sunglasses are 100% handmade we like to remind you that turnaround times for your WUD Sunglasses to arrive could be up to 2 weeks (plus shipping) This is completely rare, but for us, as business owners, we most definitely appreciate your understanding if it occurs.

We will always notify you of any major hold-ups upon payment of the purchase.